Journal of Computer
Volume 5 Issue 2 - Apr - Jun 2012

K. Dhanalakshmi and Dr.G.M. Kadhar Nawaz
Keywords :data protection, fault tolerant, Matrix hop mobile agent, Spam attacks, security
V. Subedha and Dr. S. Sridhar
Keywords :Reuse metrics, Reusable Components, Reusability metrics, Software reusability, Reuse frequency, Reusability assessment model.
Mamatha S Upadhya
Keywords :Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Membership Function, Fault Tree Analysis
Keywords : DSDV, DSR, Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing
C.A.Kandasamy and S.Yamini
Keywords : Sensor networks, coverage in sensor networks, probabilistic coverage, coverage protocols

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