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Journal Topics

To Explore and share the knowledge of the academicians and research scholars of various Colleges and Research Institutions by bringing out their innovative ideas and research work in the area of Computer Networks, Internet & Web Services, Advanced Database Technology, Soft Computing, and Software Engineering etc.,

The JCA aims to provide a forum for the research Scholars to share their knowledge and discuss their research fields. To fascinate this, research scholars and academicians may submit papers in their research area for journal publication.

The topics and areas include, but not limited to: 

  Computer Security
• Optical Networks
• Mobile Security
• BlueTooth
• Genetic Algorithm
• DataMining and DataWarehousing
• Object Relational DBMS
• BioInformatics
• Federated DataBases
• Fuzzy Computing
• Neural Computing
• Pattern Recognition and Classification
• Image Processing
• NanoTechnology
• Virtual Reality
• Grid Computing

• Software Testing
• Software Architecture
• Software Metrics
* Software Agents
• Software Testing
• Software Architecture
• Software Metrics
• E-Governance & E-Commerce
• Stegnography and Watermarking
• Artificial Intelligent
• FireWall
• Mobile & Wireless Computing
• Parallel Processing
• Web Technologies



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