Journal of Computer
Artificial Intelligence - Feburary 2012

Mageswari N and Anitha P
Keywords :WSN, Concept-Based Methods, Key Predistribution
Nithyananthan K
Keywords :evolutionary techniques, genetic algorithm, combinational digital circuit, optimization.
Karthikeyan R, Dhandapani A and Mahalingham U
Keywords :Automatic Identification System , International Maritime Boundary Line, Global Positioning System
Akila G and Sumathi G
Keywords :Query processing, spatial databases
Janani S P and Meena S
Keywords :Radio Frequency Identification, Global System for Mobile communication
Karthikeyani A and Ms. SrieVidhyaJanani E
Keywords :Energy saving, Wireless sensor networks, ZigBee
Anitha G
Keywords :IP Traceback, DDOS, Zombie, entropy variation
Ashok kumar M and SahityaPriyadharshini K
Keywords :Augmented Reality, ARToolkit, MusicAR, ASM, ARoom,Phobias,Games
MinalBidave, NilimaKale, GeetanjaliKatare and SuvarnaPalde
Keywords :Android,BRMS, JRuleEngine, JSR 94, Rule Engine
Jegatha R and Lakshmi K
Keywords :Fuzzy C-means (FCM) clustering algorithm, gray-level, moment invariantsbased features, Gaussian, Gabor energy filters Neural network (NN) scheme
Poornima S and Suganya Devi K
Keywords :superpixel, subpixel, canny edge detection, feature extraction, gradient, segmentation and fuzzy c means
Bhuvana S and Sangeetha R
Keywords : Flip flop; Low power; CMOS Circuit
Nandhini S, Prayla Shyry S, Emalda Roslin S, Nandhitha N M and Ramachandran V
Keywords : Fuzzy logic; overlay network; FIS; membership functions; fuzzification; defuzzification
Manikandan A, Dr. C.Suresh Gnana Dhas, Divyapriya M and Preetha S
Keywords :VANET, 802.11p, Contention Window, WAVE
Mathangi R and Malathi V
Keywords :Adaptive Sampling Approach(ASA), ARM, Embedded System, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN).
Prasanna S R and Prof.Karpagam
Keywords : Configuration, diffusion distance, face recognition,holistic, perceptual features.

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