Journal of Computer
Data Mining and Ware Housing & Image Processing

Manikandan R, Oviya P and Hemalatha C
Keywords :Boosted decision tree, Data mining, ensemble approach, Network intrusion detection system.
Nikita Gupta, ArchanaDhankar, Karan Singh Ranawat and ShivyaNautiyal
Keywords :Artificial neural network, Back Propagation Algorithm, Credit card frauds, Feed Forward Network, Lower Approximation, Rough set theory, Upper Approximation.
Raji V. and Ashokkumar P.
Keywords :database administrator, intrusion detection
Alaaudeen K M and Arun Prasath R
Keywords :Column-Decoupled, Differential/Domino Read, Half-select, Low power, 8T, SRAM, Stability.
Data Mining and Warehousing
Keywords :Data mining , hidden predictive, warehouse
Kayalvizhi S and Jagadeeswari S, M.E.,
Keywords : Data storage, public auditability, data dynamics, cloud computing
Suganya Devi S and Dr Suganya Devi D
Keywords :Ultrasonic image processing, Speckle noise, Wavelet filtering techniques, Morphological filtering and PSNR
Ahathiya P and Senthilmathi T M E
Keywords :Content-based image retrieval, relevance feedback, query point movement, query expansion, navigation pattern mining
Samathal S and Mohanraj N
Keywords :Image feature, Clustering, Color moments, Precision and recall
Rajkumar S and Manikandan K M
Keywords :Internet Security, Digital Watermarking
Parthiban V and Ganesan R
Keywords :Digital Images, DWT, MATLAB, SVD
Shanmugam C, Nandhini K, Poovizhi P and Priyadharshni C
Keywords : image, sparse, image similarity assessment
Dr. Kanimozhi J K
Keywords : Morse theory, Distance function, Skeletonization

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