Journal of Computer
Volume 1 Issue 2 (Apr - May 2008)

C.Sujatha and Dr.R.Anitha
Keywords :Personalized, Privacy, Automation, Data Streams, Data Mining
K.Balachander and Dr.R.Anitha
Keywords : Expert System, Lung Cancer, non - clinical Method
R.Chinnaiyan and Dr.S.Somasundaram
Keywords :Software Reliablity, Component Based Software, Markov Analysis, Software Quality Assurance
A.Christy and P.Thambidurai
Keywords :Parsing, Trigram Model, Soft Matching, Information Extraction, Recall, Precision.
J.K.Kani Mozhi and Dr.R.S.D.Wahida Banu
Keywords :Biometrics, Face Recognition, Crypto System, RSA, Fuzzy Vault Scheme
V.Madhu Viswanatham, Varun Sharma and Sumit Bhatnagar
Keywords :Mobile Adhoc Networks, Mobile Computing, 802.11, Certification Authority, Mobile Certification Authority
Meera Gandhi and Dr.S.K.Srivasta
Keywords : BPN Algorithm, Information Security, Fisher's Linear discrimant function, Intrusion detection, misuse detection, Radial basis function
D.Rajini Girinath and Dr.S.Selvan
Keywords :Mobility Model, Manet, Admission Control, ICMP, NS-2
V.Srividhya and Dr.R.Anitha
Keywords :Text Categorization, Text Mining, Association Rules, Classification
Swaranalatha P
Keywords :COCOMO II, McCabe's, Halstead Metric
G.Hemalatha and Dr.M.V.Srinath
Keywords :Grid Engine, Heterogenous, Jini technology
G.Singaravel and B.G.Geetha
Keywords : Software Risk Questionaries, people quality check list and Software maintenance

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