Journal of Computer
Volume 1 Issue 1 (Jan - Mar 2008)

Dr.C. Chandrasekar and Dr.A. Krishnan
Keywords :4G, Hetrogenous Network, Mobile Network
P.Anitha and Dr.C.Chandraskar
Keywords :congestion control, Communication Networks, network border patrol
S.Jeya and Dr. R.Ramar
Keywords : Trojan horses, arsonists, and Nessus
V.Sasirekha and Dr.C.Chandrasekar
Keywords : TCP-Reno, TCP congestion control, high-speed network
Keywords :Ant Colony Optimization
Keywords : Watermarking, Software , secret message
D.V.Rajkumar and K.Sankar
Keywords : knowledge discovery , databases, Data Mining, Data warehouse
K.Jayasudha and Dr.C.Chandrasekar
Keywords : Aprior , AprioriTid, item set , partition
S.Sapna and Dr. A.Tamilarasi
Keywords : Data Mining, Diabetes , Fuzzy Systems, Genetic Algorithm(GA), Neural Networks
N.Prakash and K.Sankar
Keywords : Cellular Network, Searching technique, Path Discovery
M. Sree Sakthi Velan and DR. V. Balachandran
Keywords : Internet banking, Traditional Banking, Credit Cards/Debit Cards
T.Rajthilak and M.Sasikumar
Keywords : Neural networks
Keywords : HTML/JavaScript , Apollo , Rich Internet Applications

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