Journal of Computer
Volume 2 Issue 4 (Oct - Dec 2009)

A. Krishnamoorthy and Dharmalingam.K
Keywords : Optimization Techniques, Genetic Algorithms, Induction Motor, Cross Over Methods
G. Maria Kalavathy and P. Seethalakshmi
Keywords :Media-on-Demand, Media Service Composition, Multi threading, PPMS
S.V.Vijai Narayanan and R.Jagadeesh Kannan
Keywords : Advanced Medical Image Analysis, Snake methodology, Vessel change detection, Global Image Interpretation, Intelligent Image Segmentation, Case Based Reasoning, Angioplasty
R.Madhusudhanan and Dr.S.Ramareddy
Keywords : Soft switching converter, DC-DC converter, SMPS, Efficient DC-DC converter, Soft switching converter
Mr.K.Sankar and Dr. K.Krishnamoorthy
Keywords : Semantic Overlay Network, peer-to-peer, distributed web search, content-based, similarity search
K. Jayasudha and Dr. C. Chandrasekar
Keywords :mining, accidents, road safety

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