Journal of Computer
Volume 2 Issue 3 (Jul - Sep 2009)

P.Muthuchelvi, G.S.Anandha Mala and V.Ramachandran
Keywords : Grid computing, Resource discovery, negotiation, alternate resource, agents, Non-Functional Requirements
R.Seranmadevi and Dr.M.LathaNatarajan
Keywords : classification, industrial diagnosis, classifier algorithm, knowledge acquisition
Vismita.Nagrale, R.N.Moghe and Sameer Kanse
Keywords : Complementary metal–oxide–semi conductor (CMOS), metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET), Transistor–Transistor Logic (TTL), KiloVoltAmpere (KVA), American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)
S.Ananthi and Dr.S.Sathyabama
Keywords :spam filtering, k-Nearest-Neighbor, Naive Bayesian classifier, Random Forest Tree, and Heuristic rules
K.Poongothai, M.Parimala and Dr.S.Sathiyabama
Keywords :Association rules, anomalous rules hidden, dominant
M. Subha and Dr. R. Anitha
Keywords : Manet, Swarm Intelligence, ACO, ACORA
V.Vallinayagi, K.Sujatha and Dr. S.P. Victor
Keywords : SNMP, Ecommerce, Emarkreting, Client/ Server, Web Browser, Email

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