Journal of Computer
Volume 2 Issue 2 (Apr - Jun 2009)

P. Senguttuva, and Dr.M.Y.Sanavullah
Keywords : horizontal-drift velocity, diffraction, ionosphere
K.M.Ramesh Kumar and Dr. P.K.Chenniappan
Keywords :Stochastic differential equations, Markov diffusion process, Fourier transform, Non-transient solution, Numerical Scheme
I.Kalphana and P.Babu
Keywords : Filtered x Least Mean Square algorithm (FxLMS), Multichannel active noise control systems, Least maximum mean square, Variable Step Size Least Mean Square (VSS LMS) algorithm
J. K. Kani Mozhi, Dr. R. S. D. Wahida Banu, T.S.Thangavel and A.Suresh
Keywords :Biometrics, Face Recognition, Face Expressions, Geometry Methods, Behavioral Characteristics, Genetic Algorithms
S.Hariprasath and V.Mohan
Keywords :Biometrics, Iris pattern, Morlet wavelet, Symlets wavelet, Wavelet Packet Transform
S.F.Rodd, M.M.Math and Anand H. Kulkarni
Keywords : Access Points, Global Optimization, Signal Coverage, Heuristic
B. Rajesh Kanna, C. Aravindan, K. Kannan and M. Krishna Priya
Keywords : Region representation, Connected regions, Decomposition and Shape and size

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