Journal of Computer
Volume 3 Issue 4 (Oct - Dec 2010)

Ms.Roshni Rajkumari and Dr.B.G.Geetha
Keywords : Automatic Test Data Generation, Software Testing, Genetic Algorithm, Program Dependence Graph.
Mrs.C. Meenakshi and Dr.P. Thangaraj
Keywords : Word Sense Disambiguation, Semantic relation, identifier and corpus
Mr.J. Venu Gopala Krishnan, Dr. N. Manoharan, and Dr. B. Sheela Rani
Keywords : Complex log mapping, Image processing steps, Correlation schemes
Mrs. P.Venkateswari and Dr.T.Purusothaman
Keywords :Communication, authentication, remote
Ms. V.Sharmila and Dr.G.Tholkappia Arasu
Keywords : Semantic Overlay Network, peer-to-peer, distributed web search, content-based, similarity search
Mr.M.Naresh Kumar and Dr.G.Tholkappia Arasu
Keywords : Gaussian, MIMO, maximum a posteriori, Bayesian, frequency-domain, time-domain, carrier frequency offset, Cramer-Rao bound
Mr. V.M.Navaneethakumar, and Dr. C. Chandrasekar
Keywords :Data warehouse, Dwh, Security, Privacy, Framework.

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