Journal of Computer
Issue EICA12 5 (Special Issue)

Krishnaveni S and TamizhSelvi S P
Keywords :R-tree, SKR-tree ,Query Processing, Spatial database
Madasamy V and Dr. Malathi V
Keywords : Environmental monitoring, sensor data, threshold, wireless sensor network, WSN gateway
Sreenivasa Rao B and Dr. Kumar N
Keywords : Threat Modeling, Application Security, and security at design phase, Threat Mitigation, STRIDE security model, application security risk management
Lakshmi Prasad.E, Sivasankaran.V and Dr.V Nagarajan
Keywords : MPSoCs, NoCs, Task migration, Virtual point-to point connection, Power,Performance
Diana A and Mercy Christial T
Keywords : Alpha Stable , GLRT, Flood, Flashcrowds, ROC
Sivasakthi S and Mageshwari N
Keywords : Impulse noise, Image denoising ,variable threshold
Manikandan S, Jenifer Sagaya A and Ranjani B
Keywords : Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, pCloud, Striping Technique, Query Processing
Shanmugapriya S, Gulzar Begam J, Anitha M and Cynthia Napoleon
Keywords : Authentication, Palm Print, OTP, Policy
Aiswarya S and Mohanarathinam A
Keywords : Self monitoring, location monitoring
Lakabhasanee S and Ramesh S
Keywords : SPRT, Game Theoretic model
Mahalakshmi M and Chitra P
Keywords :Clustering, Cooperative transmission protocol, Sensor networks, High load operation
Mr.Venkatesa Kumar V and Ms.Sindhu M
Keywords :Multicloud, Computing clusters, MTC Applications, Cost – optimization

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