Journal of Computer
Computer Networks & Network Security - Feburary 2012

Keywords :VoIP, RTP, SIP, J2ME, GPRS, Asterisk, PBX, UDP, Pervasive Computing
Anjaneyulu K, Ramana V V and Mohammad Rafi G
Keywords :ad-hoc network, Dynamic Source Routing Algorithm, Preemptive Version
Elakkiya Prabha T and Kiruthika M
Keywords : Automobiles, Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic
Lakshmi narayanan K, Prabakaran G and Bhavani R
Keywords :Video Steganography, Integer Wavelet Transform, Image quality
Ganeshkumar K and Sasireka G
Keywords :Distributed database, association rule mining, geographically, LMatrix algorithm
Sherril Sophie Maria Vincent and Thamba Meshach W
Keywords :Black Hole Attack, Mobile ad hoc networks, channel adaptive routing, Randomized multi-path routing
Chandhana S D and Mary Anita E A
Keywords :Anonymous blacklisting, privacy, rate-limited, revocation
Santhana Bharathi R and Vijaya Baskar B
Keywords : Image compression, image encryption, image reconstruction
Ramesh K S and Venkataramanan V
Keywords :Built-in-self-test (BIST), Test pattern generator (TPG), LT-RTPG (Low transition random test pattern generator), 3WR-BIST (3 Weight Random Test Pattern Generator),Switching activity, heat dissipation during test application, low power testing, power dissipation during test application, random pattern testing
Thangarani S, Poornima K, Priyadharsini C and Rathna Rajeswari V
Keywords :Computer Security, Encryption Algorithm, Cryptographic Protocol, Monitoring Stub(MS), Intrusion Detection System(IDS), DES(Data Encryption Standard).
Muthuselvi S, Prayla Shyry S, Ramachandran V, Emalda Roslin S and Nandhitha N.M
Keywords : overlay nodes, deployment, fuzzy, genetic algorithm
Preeti Sharma, Sattyam Kishore Mishra and Pragyan Verma
Keywords :Authentication, Autonomous operation, Confidentiality, Integrity, Mobile agent, Mobility, Secure migration process
Geetha G and Muthukrishnan A
Keywords : Discrete Wavelet Transform(DWT), Chaos equation, BB equation, VLSI, Image encryption, Image decryption
Raichal S and Durga Devi S
Keywords : Intrusion detection, multivariant execution,n- variant execution, system call.
Hodi Mohammadi, Mehran Mahramian Moalem and Javad Mohammadi
Keywords : RBDC, MF-TDMA, DVB-RCS, Delay, DAMA
Padmavathi K and Maneendhar R
Keywords : vehicular communication, wireless sensor networks, accident prevention, postaccident investigation, Global Position based Routing (GPR), on board unit, road side unit, application units.
Jasodha J, Premalatha N and Natarajan A
Keywords : ADCC scheme, congestion control, Home Automation Network, Path Diversity Method, Wireless sensor network
Sivaranjani V and Rajalakshmi D
Keywords :Leader election, intrusion detection systems, auction mechanism , selfish node, credit based technique and MANET security
Jenifer A and Sankari C
Keywords :Anonymous blacklisting, privacy, revocation
Shanmuga vadivu G and Umamaheswari A
Keywords :Leader election, DDoS attacks, intrusion detection system, MANET security
Venkatesa Kumar V and Poornima G
Keywords : Cloud Computing, Data Integrity, Data Recovery, Layer Interleaving, Security

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