Journal of Computer
Wireless Communications - Feburary 2012

Saravanan D and JothiVenkatesh K N
Keywords : Authentications, Protocol, Encryption, Decryption, Re-Authenticated, Cryptography
Dhurgabai I and Srievidhyajanani E
Keywords : clustering, dormant node, data aggregation, survivable self organisation, load balancing
Anitha Lakshmi V
Keywords :Botnet, peer-to-peer, robustness, honeypot
Aishwarya Devi R and Dr. Sahaaya Arul Mary S A
Keywords : software defect prediction software defect-proneness, machine learning, scheme evaluation
Elumalai S.V and Ramalingam N M K
Keywords :Bandwidth reservation, schedulability test, earliest deadline first, fixed-priority, first-infirst- out, wireless.
Shivashnkari and Victoriya
Keywords : turbo codes, convolution encoder, wireless sensor networks
Jensilin Mary A
Keywords : multiradio wireless mesh networks (mr-WMNs), self-reconfigurable networks, wireless link failures
Lakshmi S and Ramesh P S
Keywords : communication protocols , energy efficient protocol, cluster-based network
Sabarinathan K and Ramesh S
Keywords : wireless sensor networks, denial-of-service, routing algorithm
Sudha K, Sujitha K, Selvanayaki P and Sudar Vizhi S
Keywords :IT service design, IT infrastructure, Energy efficiency
Ram Kumar E, Vinothraj N and Kiruthiga G
Keywords : Wireless Sensor Networks, Energy Consumption, Quality of Services (QOS), Multipath Routing
Venkatesa Kumar V, Siva Malar R and Dr.Palaniswami S
Keywords :Cloud Computing, Task scheduling, Load-balancing, Resource utilization, Performance improvement

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