Journal of Computer
Volume 1 Issue 4 (Oct - Dec 2008)

S.Chitra, K.Thiagarajan and Dr.M.Rajaram
Keywords :Artificial Recognition Balls, Artificial Immune Recognition System, Operating systems, software reliability growth models, Software Failure Rate
Dr R.M. Suresh, K. Dinakaran and P.Valarmathie
Keywords : Self Organizing Map, Clustering, Patterns, Gene Expression, Unsupervised
S.Saravanan and M.Madheswaran
Keywords : low power, modified booth multiplier, RSTAT, bit-pair recoding, neural network
V.Shanmughaneethi and Dr. S.Sawmynathan
Keywords : Abuse of Functionality, Brute Force, Buffer Overflow, Content Spoofing, Credential / Session Prediction, Cross-site Scripting, Denial of Service, Directory Indexing, Format String Attack, Information Leakage, Insufficient Anti-automation, Insufficient Authentication, Insufficient Authorization, Insufficient Process Validation, Insufficient Session Expiration, LDAP Injection, OS Commanding
Dr.V.Karthikeyani and Dr.P.Kamalakkannan
Keywords : Texture analysis, Texture Properties, Textile department
S.Sapna and Dr.A.Tamilarasi
Keywords : Data Mining, Fuzzy systems, Genetic Algorithm, Neural networks, Diabetes

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