Journal of Computer
Volume 2 Issue 1(Jan - Mar 2009)

D.Rajini Girinath and Dr.S.Selvan
Keywords : Mobility Model, MANET, Routing, Ns-2
Dr.G.M.Nasira, S.Ashok Kumar and M.Sweety Kiruba
Keywords : Clustering, Fuzzy Artificial NeuralNetworks, K-means, Self Organizing Feature Map
K.Mumtaz, S.A.Sheriff and Dr.K.Duraiswamy
Keywords : Breast cancer diagnosis, Data mining,ANN, BPN, ART, FART, SOM
K.Vijay and Dr.R.Anitha
Keywords : Content-based image retrieval
Keywords : K Means, K Medoids, clustering, Clara,Clarans.
Manoj Mishra and R.Ramya
Keywords : Fuzzy set, fuzzy membership function, union of fuzzy sets, intersection of fuzzy sets, neurons, firing rules, complexity, redundancy, parallelism, noise-tolerance, feed-forward network, feed-back network
N.Sumathi, R.Geetha and Dr.S.Sathiyabama
Keywords : Spatial data mining, Clustering and Outlier Detection, Association and Co-Location, Classification, Trend-Detection, Research needs
R.Geetha, N.Sumathi and Dr.S.Sathiyabama
Keywords : Data Mining, Temporal Data Mining, Spatial Data Mining, Spatio-Temporal Data Mining
R.Chinnaiyan and Dr.S.Somasundaram
Keywords :Software Reliability, Components, Component Based Software, Test Suite
S.Gomathi, R.Poonkuzhali and K.Duraiswamy
Keywords : Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR), Ad-hoc Ondemand Distance Vector (AODV) and Dynamic Source Routing (DSR)
Keywords : Iris, Segmentation, Optimization, Image Processing
K.Balachandran and Dr.R.Anitha
Keywords : Expert system, Lung cancer, Supervised, Un-supervised

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