Journal of Computer
Volume 4 Issue 2 (Apr - Jun 2011)

S. Aruna, A. Vanitha, and Dr.A. Subramani
Keywords : Ad-hoc networks, MANET, Routing Protocol, Multicast
K.Arun Prabha, and R.Saranya
Keywords : K-means, Kernel K-means, Genetic Algorithm
Mr. Nikhil Hemant Bhagat, and Ms. Rati Vilas Deshmukh
Keywords : Access lists, stubby, totally stubby, NSSA,Totally NSSA, Link State Advertisement
Dr. A. Pethalakshmi, and R.RajaRajeswari
Keywords : Earthquakes, Precursors, Soft computing, Prediction
V. Subbaroyan, and Dr.S.Karthik
Keywords : Gradient based method, Histogram based method, Texture based method, object recognition
M.Subha, and M.Manoranjani
Keywords : Geographic Routing, Wireless Networks, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Multicasting, Protocol.
V.Sasirekha, and Dr.C.Chandrasekar
Keywords : ATM, B-ISDN, QoS

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