Journal of Computer
Volume 4 Issue 1 (Jan - Mar 2011)

Mrs. Sivaranjani, and Ms. Semi Sara mani
Keywords : Content-based steganography, least-significant-bit (LSB)-based steganography, pixel-value differencing (PVD), security, steganalysis.
Prof. Anand Nayyar
Keywords : Bluetooth, Wireless sensor systems, Wireless Technology, Security, IEEE 802.15.1
Sanjeev S Sannakki, Vijay S Rajpurohit, and Arunkumar.R
Keywords : Fuzzy Logic, Support Vector Machine (SVM).
S.Anandi Reddy
Keywords : Advanced Encryption Standard, S-Box, inverse S-box, composite field, fault detection.
V. Mani Sarma, and Prof.P.Premchand
Keywords : SSD, OEM Graph, OEM History, MDSS Data , MOEM Graph
Dr.P.Subashini, and Ms.S.Jansi
Keywords : Focal Cortical Dysplasia (FCD), MRI, Gray-White Matter, Texture Analysis, Morphological operations
K. Tarakeswar, and D.Kavitha
Keywords : Internet, Search Engine, working, architecture

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