Journal of Computer
Volume 1 Issue 3 (Jul - Sep 2008)

V.Shyamaladevi, Dr.K.Duraisamy, and Dr.R.S.D.WahidaBanu
Keywords :DDos, HCF
A.Suresh, V.Dharma Prakash and Dr.C.Kavitha
Keywords :Software aging, Software Rejuvenation, Virualization, HPC
K.Ramani and Dr.A.Krishnan
Keywords :AC Motor, Direct torque control (DTC)
V.Maheswari and P.E.Sankaranayanan
Keywords :Dyanamic honeytokens, spammers and honeypot
T.Lalitha, Dr.P.Sivaprakasam, Archana and Krishnaveni
Keywords :802.11, OSI, TCP/IP, WEP, Wireless
Dr.P.Sivaprakasam, V.Sangeetha and C.P.Rangarajan
Keywords :Object Oreinted Software, Spatial Complexity, CSC
Keywords : Evolutionary Algorithm, Genotype Mapping, Multiple chromosomes
V.Mahesh, S.Ragavendiran and V.Ramachandran
Keywords :Health Care, Image Manipulation, TeleMedicine, Video Consultation
M.Murugesan and Dr.A.Krishnan
Keywords :multipath, proficient, on demand, assembly
Dr.C.Chandrasekar and Dr.A.Krishnan
Keywords : Wireless, 4G, WLAN, CDMA
S.Sundaram, P.Senthilkumar, P.Kulandaivel and N.Manohara
Keywords : Tool wear, acoustic emission, in-process monitoring, rise time, flank wear, coated carbide tool
R.Anurekha, J.Rajavel, A.Rajiv Kannan, Dr.K.Duraisamy and Dr.K.Thiyagarajah
Keywords :DDos, TCP Floods, ICMP
D.Ramesh and Dr.A.Krishnan
Keywords :Data Integration, Wrapper, mediator, Web Repository, GRID
C.Balasubramanian and Dr.K.Duraiswamy
Keywords : Temporal database encoding, association rule mining, graph based approach, anti-apriori algorithm, fuzzy approach

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